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I saw this girl play at a house show last night and was utterly blown away. Passionate folk punk from an amazing trans woman.  I highly recommend giving it a listen (and throwing some cash her way if you can), I sincerely doubt you’ll be disappointed.

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This is slightly autobiographical. For the first two years I was taking estrogen, I usually got a wave of euphoria as it hit my blood stream. I still get that feeling occasionally, but it has tapered off some over time as I’ve gotten used to it. In any event, this is brush and ink on bristol. Mostly hand-lettered, too, because I’m a glutton for punishment. I’ve posted this on my comics tumblr, too, but I’m increasingly dissatisfied with that stopgap. I probably need to invest some time in stetting up a more traditional webcomics portal.

I’m trying out Patreon as a means of funding my blogs. They don’t have a widget yet, so this link will just have to do. If you like my writing and art and if you’d like to support Krell Laboratories and Christianne’s Art and Comics, please come on over and pledge. Thanks. (via Christianne’s Art and Comics: Euphoria)

The only downside was the horrible taste of the spiro beforehand.

I got to say i never got any kind of rushes or shit or anything whenever i’ve took my HRT. must say.

Oh, I’m sure it’s a psychological effect, or perhaps I’m mistaking the cessation of dysphoria for euphoria in a “why are you hitting yourself with that hammer” sort of way (“It feels good when I stop”). Not that it matters. Everyone is different, so who knows?

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Israeli officials and advocates often ask critics of their foreign policy “what would you do if you had rockets raining down on you?”  This question has a tendency to stump people who aren’t prepared for it.  John Jackson at  +972, however, has provided an excellent response by drawing a parallel to the conduct of the British Government during the worst years of IRA violence:

During the ‘troubles’ in Northern Ireland, civilian deaths were caused by the British Army, the Loyalists and Republican paramilitaries. But for the purpose of answering the Israeli question it is useful to look at the major bombing campaigns by the Irish Republican Army (IRA) that took place across England. These campaigns were far more destructive than anything coming out of Gaza. There were approximately 10,000 bomb attacks during the conflict – about 16,000 if you include failed attempts. A significant proportion of them were on English soil.

A time bomb was detonated at Brighton’s Grand Hotel, where Margaret Thatcher and her cabinet were staying for the Conservative Party conference. Thatcher narrowly escaped death, five people were killed (including an MP) and 31 injured. The Queen’s cousin, Lord Louis Mountbatten, his grandson and three others were blown up while fishing off the coast of Ireland. In Manchester city center a 3,300-pound bomb caused £1.1 billion (today’s value) in damage and injured 212 people. The Bishopsgate bombing in the city of London cost £350 million to repair and injured 44 people. And, as those of us who lived through those times will remember, there were numerous bombs in pubs and shops, on high streets and shopping centers, in train stations and on the London underground. The thousands of rockets fired by Hamas over the last month have killed six civilians in Israel, along with 64 soldiers, while the IDF has killed 2,104 Palestinians, including at least 500 children.

Despite the effectiveness of the IRA campaign, it would have been politically inconceivable and morally unjustifiable for the Royal Air Force to bomb the streets and homes of the republican communities in North or West Belfast – the communities from which the IRA came and amongst which it lived. It would have been unacceptable in Britain and, indeed, to the U.S. government at the time. The British army and intelligence services did terrible things in Northern Ireland, but such a wholesale massacre of civilians would have been unconscionable. The answer to the question of what would you do? In Britain’s case at least, faced with a destructive bombing campaign, it did not respond by sending in warplanes to bomb schools, hospitals or terraced houses.

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everything henry rollins says and does is funny

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Anonymous said: I got in an argument with a truscum because I called myself transgender instead of a transsexual as if there's some huge difference between the two other than the fact that the transsexual tag is 99 percent porn.







i use them pretty much interchangeably.  different folks and different trans subcultures use different language.  i try to not get bent out of shape about it.

I try not to get bent out of shape about it either, but they’re not interchangeable and there’s a lot of history that gets walked on when they’re used as though they’re the same.

that’s fair.  i tend to use ‘transgender’ more often because ‘transsexual’ has a connotation of being more lurid, and also more indicative of a medical model.  i hear what you’re saying and i think you’re right.  i take back what i said.

No, totally. One thing that gets me super frustrated is when people (cis people, mostly) act like the trans community has "super complicated/confusing" language apropos of nothing. But, like, there’s not a lot of record of how we got to talkin’ the way we talk. To the point where a lot of us totally don’t understand why we say what we say and what discourse led us here. They don’t fucking teach “trans etymology” in even the most liberal colleges, ya know? We’re not thought of as having a past or a “culture” that isn’t being actively created moment to moment. We’re not really allowed to make our own history or keep track of our past. That’s what makes me mad with stuff like this. It’s not “OMG! You don’t know what these terms mean!” It’s “OMG! Why WOULD you?! Nobody teaches this shit! We’re gonna spend generation rehashing the same shit because our past/politics aren’t considered worth passing on!”

I’m thinking of a talk that Aiyyana Maracle gave in Winnipeg while I was there that garnered a lot of grumbles and growls from the people listening because she was basically like “I was there when everyone decided to start using ‘transgender’ to be more inclusive and a lot of trans women weren’t okay with it and everyone else did what they always do: pushed them out and told them to shut up.” Why would anyone who wasn’t either THERE at that moment in history or THERE at that talk, listening to a woman who was, know that?? I dunno, intergenerational trans relationships are rare and precious and the only way we’re gonna break the cycle of having the same arguments over and over and over forever (which I admit is a point I’m wedging in here, it’s also just a thing I’ve been thinking about today.)

Sorry I got all ranty about it. I’m in a weird mood!

not at all, i love your rants.  and i really appreciate context, especially historical context, so thanks.

i think about how important inter-generational relationships are too among trans women.  i try to get to know older trans ladies and listen to them when i can find them.  and its one of the reasons that i’m happy to be working with teenagers - and why i want to be a resource as a foster parent or even just a woman with a spare room as i get older.

Absolutely! And I think we (our generation of trans people, and for me, especially trans women) have an opportunity to be present for and visible to younger generations that’s kind of unprecedented. I also think we have a responsibility to repair a lot of the divide that exists between us and our elders. To be clear, when I say “we” I mostly mean white trans women because I see younger trans women of color at the side of TWOC elders a lot and I don’t want to act like the ball younger white women are dropping is everyone’s job to pick up.

A big part of what we can do is to learn patience and understanding and to LISTEN, especially (because this seems to be where our inter-generational relationships fall apart) when it comes to language. I remember a few year ago talking to a trans woman who’s been out since the 70’s and was, like, a punk, biker trans woman back in the day, telling me that she didn’t feel like she was really a part of the trans community anymore because the language had changed in ways that completely alienated her. She couldn’t (and, as far as I know, still doesn’t) feel safe and comfortable around younger trans people until she really, really got to know and trust them. I mean, I’d known her for YEARS before she was willing to confide to me about it (hence, my not naming her here.) I dunno. I think our language should evolve, but we should also keep in mind that humans sometimes don’t move that fast. Like that whole dust up about a thing from 2008 and people being like “ugh, why are we acting like that was SO long ago?!” It’s like, yeah, that’s not REALLY that long ago, but it also WAS in a lot of ways. If you came out last month or last year, you really can’t just know what it was like for trans people day to day in 2008 or 2004 or 1999. We’re moving REALLY fast right now and we’ve gotta be willing to give people a chance to catch up or even be like “whatever, this works for me, I’m staying where I am, I can’t spend the rest of my life on the gender vanguard.”

Jesus, okay, I got really really ranty. Anyway, I’ll wrap it up by saying that I ID as a “transexual” with one “s” because at some point that spelling, specifically using one, rather than two “s’s,” was adopted by some radically minded trans people as a subtle upset to the medical provider language assigned to trans people. I don’t remember what book I read that in, I couldn’t tell you whose idea it was, but I know it happened and (as corny as I feel about, ya know, really meaning it) I choose that identity and that specific spelling. If for no other reason that to acknowledge that we have a past no matter what anyone else says.

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brah chill


Loki! Again?!

Moose are basically walking optical illusions. In Anchorage, they would seriously just appear the fuck out of nowhere

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There’s this guy that rants everyday about how everyone is sinners at our college and someone made a bingo game to go along with him today


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